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Photovoltaic Solar Power Design-Build Package


Product Information- Photovoltaic Solar Power


  • Sharp has been in the solar industry since 1959, when they began manufacturing solar cells.
  • For 45 years, Sharp has led the industry with practical, efficient, and affordable solar electric systems. Sharp systems have been installed everywhere, from the demanding environments of satellites and lighthouses to commercial and industrial buildings, and even on the most beautiful, high-tech homes


  • World’s leader in thin film  solar technologies and the manufacture of thin film solar electric modules
  • Uni-Solars products are ideally suited for cost-effective solar roofing solutions because they are lightweight, durable, flexible, can be integrated directly with building materials, and generate more energy in real-world conditions.


  • Evergreen Solar has been in the business for more than 13 years making them well established experts in the industry.
  • Rapidly becoming a global technology leader and innovator in the solar industry.


  • With 20 years of research in thin film silicon PV technology, Kaneka modules offer better high-temperature performance than crystalline modules
  • Kaneka Silicon PV's generated watt-power is comparable to that of other crystalline silicon PVs during the winter months, but in summer the Kaneka Silicon PV generates significantly more power compared to other crystalline silicon PVs.